About Dittytoy

Dittytoy allows you to create generative music using a minimalistic javascript API.

The API syntax is loosely based on the syntax of Sonic Pi. You can find the full Dittytoy API Reference here.

If you don't like reading documentation and want to see sample code, then these ditties give a good overview of the capabilities of Dittytoy.

Software requirements

To run Dittytoy it is recommend that you use the latest version of one of the following browsers:


You can support the development of Dittytoy by giving feedback on how to improve this website. Feel free to report bugs, suggest improvements or request new features.
If you want, you can also buy me a coffee. Donations are highly appreciated and will be used to cover hosting costs and to buy (more) coffee.


Dittytoy is created by Reinder Nijhoff (@ReinderNijhoff).

Very special thanks to athibaul (youtube channel), srtuss (youtube channel), Mattijs, Jurgen and markknol for beta testing during the development of Dittytoy and providing valuable feedback.

  • Dittytoy is largely based on code developed for Turtletoy, an online tool to create generative art using a minimalistic javascript Turtle graphics API.
  • Dittytoy is build using Bootstrap.
  • MP3 export is implemented using lamejs by Alex Zhukov.
  • The cover art is generated using stable diffusion.
  • Thanks to Íñigo Quílez and Pol Jeremias for creating Shadertoy, the inspiration behind Dittytoy.